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Solidaritree is a creative environmental community led by women of colour: we champion community partnership and collaboration, challenge exclusionary narratives around the environment and the distribution of resources, and accessibly communicate the urgent need for change.


We came together as a group just over 1 years ago in the hopes of amplifying those who are already in the environmental justice space, working to creatively raise awareness of all the amazing work being done. Together we have created resources on racism within green spaces, the need for representation and inclusion of underrepresented communities within environmental decision making and the importance of language in altering exclusionary narratives within the STEM and environmental sector.


We have so much more we would like to do! We would love your support with our fundraising campaign so we can put our ideas into action.


As a creative community we want to get you all involved as we work to create some events featuring many of the amazing people we have connected with. We want to pay those that contribute their time or expertise to anything we create, so funding is key! 


A portion of the funds will be going to the Give Out LGBTQ+ Climate Fund which provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to support ground-breaking work at the intersection of LGBTQI rights and climate change, ensuring that activists have more of the resources they need to support their communities in the face of this crisis.


If you do not have the funds to purchase a tote bag or T-shirt please follow us on Social media and share about our campaign or sign up to our newsletter so you can still be involved.

T-shirt Design by Naz Hye

Tote Bag Design by Sundeep Toor

Stay tuned on our Instagram for the inspiration behind the campaign, why we support Give Out and to see all the entries from our design competition.

Fundraiser ends 06/12/21


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