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Getting to know XR Muslims

with Solidaritree

Find out about what the group are all about and how you can get involved.

About XR Muslims


XR Muslims are an informal and inclusive group of Muslims who meet on a regular basis. Our main mission is to raise awareness of the climate and nature emergency within Muslim communities. We brainstorm and organise activities together and seek to expand the network of Muslim (and non-Muslim) organisations we work with. Our projects have included creating conversations with community leaders, interactive workshops, outreach actions and exploring Islamic perspectives on the environment. Our motto is, “We are all crew”, so within the group our roles are flexible and changing. Members volunteer as little or as much time as they can for any particular project, depending on their inclinations and personal interests. 

Since we started about two years ago, these projects have included: 

Our recent food quiz to raise awareness of the carbon footprint of the food industry, sustainable eating and the Prophetic diet has been a hit! We've also gathered 30 plant-based Iftar recipes, some of which were created by us and others submitted by both our audience and organisations like Solidaritree. 

We've also just begun a ‘weekly climate news roundup’ to create more awareness of how climate change is affecting Muslim majority communities in the Global South; sharing spaces, platforming different narratives and experiences and connecting Muslims in the West with the realities felt by our global family. 

Looking ahead insha'Allah, we plan to create more learning resources, set up a map of existing Muslim environmental campaigns on our website and an outreach network of volunteers to donate wildflower seeds to mosques and Islamic cultural centres. Outreach volunteers will be encouraged and supported by us to form connections between people based on sustainability and spearhead local environmental projects.

Everybody is welcome to join us, meetings usually run on Sundays at 2pm (times may vary). Details of our regular zoom meetings are posted on our WhatsApp and telegram channel, which you're warmly invited to join (just request by email if you’d like to join our WhatsApp group). 

All kinds of participation in our meetings are welcome. Attending meetings simply to listen, chat and be with like minded people is more than fine and if you feel you can also help out on any projects, we'd be delighted. The climate and environmental emergency is surely a prime cause of worry and anxiety. Simply being together and having the chance to talk things through gives us a way to express our emotions and improve our collective wellbeing. It's also a step in the right direction as we aim to move towards a more people/planet centred, regenerative and sustainable society.

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