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Plant-based recipes with XR Muslims

Channa Biran + interview with Solidaritree

A conversation with XR Muslims and Naz Hye, Content Creator at Solidaritreee

XR Muslims asked some questions to Solidaritree, a creative environmental network led by women of colour. Here’s what Naz, Graphic Designer and Content Producer for Solidaritree, told us about the organisation.

Find out how to make this tasty Plant-based recipe, all about XR Muslims work and how to get involed.

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What is our relationship with growing food and culture?

A conversation with Solidaritree and Hafsah Hafeji

Growing our food is important to our cultural identities, but how do the two intertwine? The Solidaritree team and Hafsah sat down in conversation to discuss from our lived experiences how food connects with our identities and cultures and how this connects to growing our own food.

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Green Spaces for All


Emma Latham Phillips

For many, the pandemic provided an opportunity to enjoy green spaces – but it also showed how unequal access to nature can be in Britain, from gardens to parks and the privatised countryside.

- The Tribune


Environmentalism for everyone

The women of colour making waves in the UK’s environmental justice community.


- Our To Save


I can’t breathe’: How racism impacts air quality and endangers life


By Faima Bakar

It’s no secret that the immediate impacts of climate change affect the most vulnerable the hardest – namely the poor, those in less economically developed countries and residents of urban areas. High-rise buildings, narrow roads, and a lack of greenery are all staples of urban city life. And Black, Asian and other minorities are the most likely to live in such areas.


- The Metro 


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