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The need for more urban green spaces

We spoke to the lovely @hafsahhafeji a Horticulturalist based in Leicester about the importance of more urban green spaces here in the UK.

Green spaces can create barriers to equal access when they do not consider marginalised groups or the different uses of that space by various communities. We share Hafsah’s belief in the importance of designing urban green spaces together, with the community at the centre.

This means engaging with the whole community with meaningful intention and listening to what the members of that community really need from these spaces.

Illustration by @zsillustration.

In conversation with Wisdom In Nature

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Shumaisa Khan @shumaisakhan who is knowledgeable about permaculture, food sovereignty, and environment and inequality. She is also a representative for Wisdom In Nature a social action group that focuses on the intersection of environment and Islamic ecology. 

Shumaisa speaks about the importance of connecting faith and the care for our environment and approaching environmental issues through a holistic lens.

You can find the full interview transcript with Shumaisa and where to find out more on Wisdom In Nature as an organisation, here.

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